“Bryn ruptured both cruciate ligaments last year. His left knee was operated on last June and his right in September. Because he was unable to have the proper follow up care for his left knee due to being limited by his second operation, it was very important that when ready we were able to throw everything at him to help his rehabilitation. My vet explained that a combination of physio, hydro swimming and acupuncture was the best way to go as used all together it covered all angles of rehabilitation. I have never experienced acupuncture before but was happy to follow the advice to ensure I did the best for Bryn. Bryn’s acupuncturist has been one of my regular vets for a long time, I have always trusted and respected her advice and care. Bryn has always been a very active dog and despite his restrictions, settled into his regime very well. He really looked forward to his trips out, especially for his acupuncture. He always makes me laugh the way he sits on the acupuncturist’s lap while she is treating him and gives her sloppy kisses. Having been through numerous rehabilitations with other dogs over the years through my rescue work, I certainly feel that Bryn’s recovery has been astoundingly quick and a very good base to start enjoying the rest of his life and would not hesitate in using acupuncture again as part of a rehabilitation process. “

Lizzy Brown

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