New IVAS Course Scheduled for 2018


30 July 2018
  • 30 Jul 2018

A message for ABVA members from IVAS . . . 

On 13th September 2018 the next IVAS approved Veterinary Acupuncture course starts in the Netherlands, organized by Healthcare-Academy Den Hoek. We have a unique setup within Europe: Since acupuncture should be a ‘hands on’ education, all lectures are offered on-site. This allows students to learn and understand acupuncture in the most personal interactive way. In addition we offer recorded lectures, webinars and a virtual online classroom set up by IVAS (via Moodle) as a teaching and study aid.  The course offers you opportunity to build bonds with like-minded colleagues and you receive access to all of the resources on the IVAS website. Wet lab sessions and guided workshops with live patients are part of the course. With this, we strive to offer a modern and flexible way to study veterinary acupuncture at a high quality level. This course offers the full package: from lectures and practical sessions to the IVAS examination and more. All teachers are internationally respected and renowned veterinarians and/or acupuncturists (like dr. Linda Boggie, dr. Dietrich Graf von Schweinitz and dr. Ina Goesmeier) and are capable of teaching and guiding their students to become competent fellow acupuncture professionals. For more information and online registration please visit: . Contact: Claudia de Gooijer-Kant or Dr. Linda Boggie


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