Paralysed rta cat with urinary/faecal incontinence? HELP

Michele Hadley

11/12/2020 16:25

On Monday I will be seeing a cat for the first time that was involved in a RTA. I only have limited information at the moment but from discussion with the owner I got following information.

- There is hind leg paralysis but apparently there is still deep feeling

- Cannot defecate or urinate on its own but when stimulated like a kitten with cotton buts, he manages to relieve himself.

- has daily physiotherapy at a different vet.

- apparently anal tone is improving

- recently there is a bit of movement in the tail detected.

X-rays (not seen them) didn't show any fractures.

I do think this is going to be a complicated and long term treatment case but any advice on prognosis, expectations and acupuncture points is welcome.

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