Aimee King

25/01/2020 13:14

Hello! New to the forum but thought I’d give it a go!

I went on the recent electroacupuncture course with the ABVA. I purchased one of the machines available at the course.

I haven’t been overly brave but have used it on one very stoic dog and my dad, my understanding is that the intensity can be set between 0 and 20. When we used the machine at the course I thought that we were told we would normally get to under 4.

Both my dad and the said very stoic dog I have tried have got to 9 without batting an eyelid but my dad said he could feel it. So I’m concerned I’m not doing it right, or could it be they are both very stoic? My dad did get to quite a high level on a tens machine!

Any help gratefully accepted.

Oh and I’m using the AS Super 4 on program 42 as advised.

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