Canine Hindlimb Paresis/paralysis

Kirsty Hastings

Acupuncture For Pets

25/11/2020 16:38

Looking for some ideas please

I am seeing a 12yo male entire Labrador. Very strong, fit and healthy apart from hip oa diagnosed a few years ago treated with Previcox. 2.5 months ago went off both back legs. Owner decided to use physio/massage therapist and after 2 treatments dog was ok.

Went off right hind leg 3 weeks ago. Owner took to own vet who diagnosed on xrays and prescribed tramadol. Owner went for a second opinion on the same day I saw the dog for the first time who diagnosed spondylosis, hip oa and 'a neurological problem' and prescribed gabapentin. 1st opinion vet'sclinical history is sadly lacking.

I have seen the dog four times (bi weekly over two weeks) and was due to visit again on Tuesday (one week after last treatment). The owner decided to postpone treatment and try physio/massage again even though the dog has been improving and making noticeable progress in the last week.

Dog has paresis/paralysis right hind leg with hip pain both hind legs. Obvious loss of muscle tone and atrophy right hind. Some weakness left him but no mm changes. Dog will hold leg in air when not in use and not drag it.

Hip pain resolved after first two treatments and dog was brighter and more willing to exercise.. Went downhill a little before 3rd treatment where I decided to focus more on the paresis. Dog improved after this treatment to the point where he was placing the leg much more, more mobile and more like his normal self although he did tend to relapse after lying down for a long period of time.

After the 4th treatment the owner decided to postpone further treatments until the dog had seen physio/massage therapist again despite the dog showing significant improvement.

Are there any points I should be using that I'm not?

Last two treatments used

GV3/ GV14/BL23/LI4

BL40 or BL57 both hind

LV3 both hind

ST36/ BL67 RH only

Tip of tail (thought it was worth a try!)

Have used BL11 and GB30 perviously

I personally was very pleased with the dogs progress after the 4th treatment and decided to increase the treatment interval to weekly. Owner threw a spanner in the works but is messaging me asking me what else can I suggest, More acupuncture perhaps??!!

Sorry for the waffle but I'm in need of inspiration

Any help greatly appreciated



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