Acupuncture for Botulism in Dog

Annie Bramall

04/10/2022 01:20

Hello! I sent a middle aged collie with rapidly progressive paralysis to referral center. Ultimately she was diagnosed as having lower motor meurone disease secondary to botulism. Respiratory and swallow reflex remained intact and so she has been discharged back to our practice for ongoing nursing care. She is doing well and seems undisturbed by her condition. Over the past two weeks she has kept weight on, she is able to assist when her bladder needs emptying, she can empty her bowel, she now has a withdrawral reflex when pinch her hind toe. We would like to add in acupuncture. Does anyone have any experience of acupuncture in a dog with Botulism? Or even in a dog with lower motor neurone disease? I am wondering which points would be best to use for this specific case. Thanks.

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